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  • The "ftp" action

    Useful for interacting with vendors, or simply for making logs or submitting backups, you can use Mechanic's "ftp" action to upload arbitrary content to any S/FTP host. Options "host" – required,

  • All action types

    New to Mechanic? Learn more about actions here. Cache – Allows you to manipulate a simple key/value cache, giving your tasks a short-term memory. Echo – Useful for debugging and logging. Use it to

  • Generating files

    Mechanic has several actions that allow you to pass along a set of files: The "email" action, which accepts an option called "attachments" that contains a hash of file definitions The "files" action,

  • Using cache endpoints to share data

    Cache endpoints allow you to publish the data you store in Mechanic's cache, making it available via a private JSON API. Like webhooks, cache endpoints may be called from your online storefront (and

  • Welcome! An introduction to Mechanic

    I'm glad you're here. :) I'm Isaac, and I built Mechanic. My intent is to make automation better for everyone. We do this, here, in two parts: (1) by making it as easy and fast as possible for