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  • The cache object

    The cache object is used for retrieving values stored in the shop's Mechanic cache. Values are set exclusively via the cache action. How to access it Use {{ cache["cache_key"] }} in any task script

  • The "cache" action

    Backed by Redis, Mechanic offers a simple key/value cache store that you can use in your task scripts. Cache values may be retrieved in task scripts using the cache object, e.g. {{ cache[key] }} .

  • All action types

    New to Mechanic? Learn more about actions here. Cache – Allows you to manipulate a simple key/value cache, giving your tasks a short-term memory. Echo – Useful for debugging and logging. Use it to

  • Scripts

    Mechanic turns Liquid from a templating language, into a programming language. By nature, this document is basically wholly for developers. But – and we mean this – we're all about education. If

  • Querying Shopify

    Mechanic supports three methods for fetching data from Shopify: Liquid objects GraphQL GraphQL with bulk operations This article is about fetching data. Learn about writing data with the "shopify"