Adding an unsubscribe link to emails

Mechanic doesn't permit bulk email messages, in which the same content is sent to many customers at once. As a rule of thumb: if an email requires an unsubscribe link, it shouldn't be sent using Mechanic. (For more on subject, see What kind of email can I send with Mechanic?.)

In the rare case that an email does warrant an unsubscribe link, use the {{ customer.unsubscribe_url }} attribute to add a link, like this:

<a href="{{ customer.unsubscribe_url }}">Unsubscribe</a>

This property of the customer object points to a Mechanic-powered URL that...

  1. Turns off the "Accepts marketing" property of the related customer, in their Shopify records
  2. Gives the customer a link to return them to the Shopify store's online storefront
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