Resolving Shopify API deprecations

Every quarter, Shopify releases a new version of the admin API, and simultaneously removes the oldest version of the admin API. (Subsequent calls to removed APIs will be responded to by the oldest still-supported version.)

As Shopify prepares to pull support for specific API calls, deprecations are announced, and are communicated in API responses. (Learn more about Shopify's deprecation practices here.)

Identifying deprecations

When a Mechanic task calls a deprecated API, our platform records the deprecation, and displays an alert within the Mechanic app interface:

Additional information is displayed within each task's details – and specific request details are revealed when the task's advanced settings are open:

In some cases (as in the GraphQL example above), the deprecation warning may not include specific details about which deprecated API is in use. In these cases, contact Mechanic support.

Resolving deprecation warnings

Deprecation warnings can be dismissed by doing one of the following:

  • Selecting a new Shopify API version for the task (see Shopify API versions)
  • Updating the task script
  • Disabling the task
  • Deleting the task
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