Do I need to know code to use Mechanic?

Mechanic is best in the hands of a developer, in the service of a merchant. You may find a ton of mileage by simply pulling tasks off our library shelf (and many merchants do!) – but it is common for someone to need to write code, at some point along the way.

(If you're at the point where you need a developer's help with your Mechanic account, see our suggestions in I need a task that doesn't exist yet – what next?.)

It's important to note that there are low- or no-code alternatives for Shopify, if that's more of what you're looking for. A few standouts:

  • Arigato Automation
    "Quickly create workflows that are as unique as your business"
  • Mesa
    "The no-code automation platform that's built for eCommerce"
  • Parabola
    "Drag-and-drop to automate manual, repetitive data tasks"

For more, see the Productivity / Workflow automation section of the Shopify app store.

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