Does Mechanic work with third-party APIs?

Usually! These questions tend to fit into two categories: how to load data into Mechanic, and how to write data to an external service.

Loading data into Mechanic

Mechanic is an event-driven platform. This means that all data used by Mechanic needs to arrive in the form of an event. (The only exception here is Shopify itself: see Querying Shopify).

To create events using third-party data, use one of these techniques:

Writing data to an external service

  • Use the "http" action, using standard HTTP requests, with options for authenticating with custom headers.
  • Use the "ftp" action to upload data to third-party locations. Optionally, use a connecting service like Couchdrop to connect to another cloud storage provider (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, etc).
  • Use a cache endpoint to save your data to an unguessable URL, where an external service may download it. See Using cache endpoints to share data.


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