I'm glad you're here. :) I'm Isaac, and I built Mechanic.

My goals here are simple:

  1. To let you solve all your automation needs with one tool, instead of having to use a million different apps.
  2. To empower the entire Shopify community by building an automation library that everyone can benefit from.

So, I built Mechanic: a flexible, re-usable multi-tool that you can adapt to any purpose on the Shopify platform. I made it for you. :)

With that in mind, let's introduce the core concepts of the app, in the order that they come onstage:

  1. An event occurs, usually on the Shopify platform.
  2. Mechanic reads whatever tasks apply to that event.
  3. Mechanic executes whatever actions those tasks specify.


It's a thing that happens. :) Whether it's an order created in Shopify or an hourly trigger, Mechanic responds to each event by running any tasks that are configured for that event topic.

Read more about events.


A task is a package of logic and configuration, which knows how to generate actions that are appropriate for whatever event has occurred. Mechanic offers built-in tasks (for example, one that sends an email whenever a customer signs up), but anyone can also write custom tasks, with incredible flexibility.

Read more about tasks.


Need to send an email? It's an action. Need to update a customer record? It's an action. Really, anything that touches the outside world is an action.

Read more about actions.

For developers

Mechanic is a love song to its users, and you are the musician who gets to play along. :) From the ground up, Mechanic was built to be composable and reusable – and if we consider all that power to be "under the hood", the hood is extraordinarily thin.

Each of the pages linked above contains a section addressed to you. Use everything here; go make wonderful things. :)

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