All action types

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  • Cache – Allows you to manipulate a simple key/value cache, giving your tasks a short-term memory.
  • Echo – Useful for debugging and logging. Use it to echo out information during a task run that you'd like to refer back to later.
  • Email – Does what it says on the tin. :) Sends email anywhere.
  • Event – Emits an event with the topic of your choosing, starting with user/ .
  • FTP – Compose and upload a file to any FTP or SFTP server.
  • HTTP – Sends HTTP requests to the endpoint of your choice. Perfect for build-your-own-webhook projects, or for custom API integrations.
  • Shopify – Creates, updates, or deletes records from your Shopify account. Could be anything from updating customers to creating products tailor-made for customers to automatically tagging orders according to what's in them.

Let us know with that chat button if you've got a use case anything not on this list. :)

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