The customer object

How to access it

  • Use {{ customer }}  in tasks responding to shopify/customers events
  • Look up specific customers by their ID, using {{ shop.customers[12345678900] }}
  • Look up specific customers by their email address, using {{ shop.customers[""] }}

What it contains

  • Every property from the Shopify API (warning: Shopify delivers customer.tags as a comma-delimited string, not an array of strings!)
  • {{ customer.account_activation_url }}, containing the Shopify-hosted URL where the customer can create a password for their account
  • {{ customer.unsubscribe_url }}, containing the Mechanic-hosted URL where the customer can mark their own customer account as not accepting marketing; see Adding an unsubscribe link to emails
  • The related metafields object: {{ customer.metafields }}
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