Triggering IFTTT applets

Start by creating a new IFTTT applet. (Here's a quick link!) Click the "+ this" text to choose your trigger.

Type "webhook" to quickly find the "Webhooks" trigger, and click on it to continue:

After that, click on the "Receive a web request" trigger:

Fill in the event name with a description of the kind of event you want to pass from Mechanic to IFTTT. For example, let's send IFTTT data every time a customer signs up:

Next, click the "+ that" text to choose an action:

Choose whatever you like! For this example, we're going to send a text message with the new customer's email address. Note how we've used the "Add ingredient" menu to insert "{{ Value1 }}" - this will be the email address that we send to IFTTT from Mechanic.

Wrap it up by saving your new applet:

Almost done! Navigate to, and copy the very last portion of the URL, as shown:

This is your IFTTT webhook key, and we'll use it to let Mechanic know about your IFTTT account.

Last step: create a Mechanic task that sends signups to IFTTT. We've got an example of this in our task library, so it only takes a click to get started:

Paste in the IFTTT webhook key into the appropriate task option, as shown here:

Save the task, and you're done! :) If you're using our example, Mechanic will now send customer signups over to IFTTT, and IFTTT will take care of sending you an SMS heads up.

If you're working on something else, don't forget to click "Show Advanced" to update the task subscriptions as necessary (i.e. to monitor for new orders, inventory changes, or any other event.)

Feel free to modify any portion of this to taste, and get in touch with that chat button if you have questions.

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