I need a task that doesn't exist yet – what next?

Mechanic is a development platform – which means that the support team can help with task code questions, and with some small tweaks to existing tasks, but any new or modified tasks are your own responsibility. To achieve that end, you've got two options: write your own task (possibly modifying an existing one), or work with a developer. 

Write your own Mechanic task

Start by picking a task that's close to what you're looking for. There are two important resources for this:

As you get started, make sure to read Welcome! An introduction to Mechanic, and as many of its related articles as you can. Mechanic is a powerful system, and grounding yourself in the fundamentals is a good way to begin.

Finally, consider joining Mechanic's Slack workspace – use this link to join. The #general channel is a great place to ask questions.

Or, work with a developer

Mechanic's automation tasks are written in Liquid, which is a template language used heavily in and around Shopify. This means that developers of all levels, with even a little Shopify development experience, can get started with Mechanic.

If you already have a developer on your team, or have an existing connection to a developer, send them this article and see if they can help you!

If you don't have any existing connections, we suggest starting here:

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