How do I request a new task?

In Mechanic, a task is a package of logic (learn more!) - it's how each piece of automation for your shop is defined. We have a constantly growing library of pre-built tasks, ready to add to your account, but often you'll want to set up something custom for your shop's unique needs.

We always recommend assembling your own task, if you've got the technical ability in-house. This way, you can have complete ownership of the task's assembly.

If you'd like to request a new task, start by writing down a really specific example of how you'd like it to work. Then, open your Mechanic account, use the "Request a task" link, in the "New task" area.

This will open a new chat window, where you can discuss your chat request with our team. Please note that some task requests are too complex for us to handle in the normal scope of support, but we'll always be happy to help with your next steps. :)

How do I start making my own task?

A quick bit of background: tasks are backed by Liquid code, and are very similar to the templates used in Shopify storefront themes. If you've done a little coding before, you'll find task scripting very approachable.

To get familiar with Mechanic task scripts, take a look at our task library – the source code for every task is published there (e.g. Auto-tag new customers). Next, explore the documentation, starting with this article on Scripts. If you have any questions, use that chat button in the corner. :)

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