Enabling "Read all orders"

In July 2018, Shopify introduced a new policy: apps would need to request permission for a type of access called "read_all_orders", in order to access orders older than 60 days. This change was made to help increase merchant trust, by establishing respectful access limits. (Read the blog post, and the developer details.)

Mechanic respects the spirit of this by only accessing those 60 days of order history, by default. We're approved by Shopify for further access, but we leave it to you to specifically and intentionally give us this permission.


1. Open your Mechanic settings.

You'll find the link by scrolling down on the Mechanic homepage.

2. Enable the "Read all orders" setting, and click "Save settings".

3. Grant access.

You'll see a banner appear at the top of the app window. Click the "Grant access" button to continue.

A popup will appear, containing information about the access Mechanic is requesting. Click the "Update app" button at the bottom of that screen, and you'll be all set!

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