Triggering Mechanic tasks with FileMaker

Creating something purpose-built in FileMaker? You can sent data off to Mechanic for processing, allowing you to tightly integrate your database application with Shopify.

1. Create a Mechanic task, and a webhook to match.

See our tutorial on this subject: Getting started with webhooks

2. Format your FileMaker data as a querystring.

To send along these values...

  "email": "",
  "id": 12345

... create a string that looks like this:

Use the GetAsURLEncoded function when working with values that might not be URL-safe.

3. Adapt this FileMaker script as needed.

Append your querystring of data to the Mechanic webhook URL. When finished, your script should look something like this:

Set Variable [ $~Data ;
Value: "" ]

Insert from URL [ Select ; With dialog: Off ; $$~CURLValue ; $-Data ; CURL options: "-I -X POST " & $-Data ;
Do not automatically encode URL ]

Show Custom Dialog [ "Result" ;
"Result: " & $$-CURLValue &¶& "Errors:¶" & Get( LastError ) & "¶" & Get( LastExternalErrorDetail ) ]
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