I'm an app developer. Can I send my events to Mechanic?

Short answer: almost certainly. :) Get in touch with us at team@usemechanic.com, and be prepared to do the following:

  1. Send events to Mechanic using a POST request, using a header to establish the event topic, and the body to deliver the event data. We'll provide an endpoint for you to use.
  2. Provide a method for securely verifying all such requests. For an example, see Shopify's webhook verification strategy.
  3. If appropriate, provide logic for translating the event topic into something that fits into Mechanic's ecosystem. For example, if you have an app called "Examplify" (sorry), which delivers events with the topics "user/created", your topic might be translated into "examplify/users/created".

If a full integration like this is more than you need, consider using Mechanic's webhook feature instead, for a solution that can be configured per store account.

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