Can I send data to Google Sheets?

There are two options: One uses the IMPORTDATA function to pull in data once, and the other offers a live push using either IFTTT or Zapier.


Use Mechanic to publish a formatted CSV to your Shopify storefront. Use this guide to get started: Creating scheduled CSV feeds

Then, enter this formula into a cell in Google Sheets:

=IMPORTDATA("<a href="" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"></a>")

... adjusting the URL as appropriate, given your store's domain name and the page you've created in Shopify.

Learn more from Google: IMPORTDATA

Please note: As of this writing, and per documentation, the IMPORTDATA formula re-fetches data once every hour.

Using a live push

Using IFTTT or Zapier, you can use Mechanic to send data to a multitude of other online services – including Google Sheets.

To get started, configure IFTTT or Zapier to perform a Google Sheets operation, triggered by a webhook. Here's where to get started:

Then, use our HTTP action to send data to the webhook URL that IFTTT or Zapier provides.

To learn more about this approach, see our tutorial: Triggering tasks with IFTTT.

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