Why don't I see any events in my task's activity?

There are two Mechanic account settings that filter task and event activity, and they're designed to keep your activity list clutter-free:

  • Hide events that did nothing
  • Hide task runs that did nothing

Here's what they look like, in your Mechanic settings:

To manage your settings, open the Mechanic home screen, scroll down to the "Your account" area, then clicking the "Manage settings" link.

These filter settings can also be adjusted on the fly, for an individual list of recent activity. Here's an example:

If you're not seeing all of the events you expect to see, try disabling "Hide events that did nothing". If you're not seeing your task showing up where you expect, try disabling "Hide task runs that did nothing".

If your task still isn't running or being triggered when you expect, double-check the task's configuration: in most cases, the task simply didn't decide that any actions were appropriate for incoming events. To help understand why this may be happening, add "log" tags to your task script, to record variables involved in your task's decisions.

If you're not sure what to check next, or what to look for in your task setup, let us know using that chat button in the corner. We'd be glad to help you. :)

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