Exporting events

Mechanic's event inspector has its limits: massively large events and/or task/action runs may not be possible to display within the app.

To work around this, we offer event exports. When you request an export, we package the event's JSON representation in a ZIP file, which we email to the address you provide.

Tip: Use jq to query and traverse the JSON files you export. :) For example, this command prints the first action run result, from the the first task run:

$ cat event.json | jq -r ".event.task_runs[0].action_runs[0].result"

This example finds an action which modified a certain customer:

$ cat event.json | jq '.event.task_runs[0].action_runs[] | select(.action_options | contains("gid://shopify/Customer/1234567890"))'

More about that here: Using jq to understand large Mechanic operations

Generating exports

When an event is too large to display, you'll see this export prompt:

For all other events, this form is accessible at the end of the event's details:

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